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Diabetic foot. [The first local experiences with rheopheresis treatment]

University Hospital, Geneva Rövid összefoglaló This is a randomized, unblinded, single-centre study. After eventual surgical debridement not amputationpatients will be randomized to receive 1 of 2 targeted antibiotic regimens, in the ratio For diabetic toe bronchitis kezelése 2-es típusú cukorbetegséggel, the patients will be randomized between a 3 and a 6 week's arm, for soft tissue infections between 10 and 20 days.

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The final assessments used in the primary efficacy analysis will be obtained at the test-of-cure TOC visit approximately 60 days after treatment is stopped. Részletes leírás Diabetic foot infections DFI are frequent and are associated with a high burden of morbidity, costs, recurrence risk or new episodes of infections.

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Osteomyelitis in the diabetic toe is almost always established by contiguous spread of infection from a chronic ulcer. Knowing the potential for poor outcomes, many clinicians have tended to treat DFIs with a long duration of antibiotic therapy, with many side effects, development and spreading of antibiotic resistance, and associated costs.

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Data from recent comparative trials has shown diabetic foot weeks is sufficient for most soft tissue infections, and 4 to 6 weeks appears adequate in those with unresected infected bone.

Retrospective reviews over the past two decades have demonstrated that about two-thirds of selected patients with diabetic foot osteomyelitis diabetic foot achieve remission with antibiotic therapy alone i.

One recent randomized trial found that treatment with only antibiotic therapy given for 90 days gave similar clinical outcomes to treatment with conservative surgery removal only of the infected bone along with just a short course of antibiotic therapy.


Another randomized trial compared a 6-week against week course of antibiotic therapy, without concomitant surgery, for diabetic foot osteomyelitis and also found similar outcomes. Likewise, the optimal antibiotic duration for any skin and soft tissue infection is unknown.

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In multivariate Cox regression analysis, duration of antibiotic therapy HR 1. Our study intends to optimize the duration of antibiotic therapy in DFI; for skin and soft tissue infections as well as for diabetic toe osteomyelitis that is not amputated. Átfogó állapot.

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